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BRN eSports

About BRN eSports

BRN eSports is an uprising eSports Org based in Europe. We were founded in february 2022 as Baron Gaming. together with our transformation from a low ranked “Valorant” team to the multigame eSports organization we are today, our name changed to BRN eSports in december 2022. 

We are currently running 2 “Valorant” and 2 “Rainbow 6 Siege” teams and are building 2 “League of Legends” rosters. 

Following our ambitious mindset, we have been able to build up an experienced, helpful and dedicated staff team. We all follow our motto “You might be great, but there is always a way to be better” to put all our doings into perfection.

Our goals are set high, for “Valorant”, we want to win “Premier Ascensions” aswell as play in “Valorant Game Changers” league. For League of Legends, our goal is “Strauss Prime League” Division 1 and for Rainbow 6 Siege it is the “DESBL”, The “R6 DACH League” and then “R6 MAJOR”.